Iconic Designs: 7 Jewels by Buccellati

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For nearly a century, Buccellati has been synonymous with impeccable jewels. At 28, the firm’s founder, Mario Buccellati, completed his apprenticeship at an Italian workshop, where he discovered the designs of Italy’s rich visual past; Greek and Renaissance craftsmanship, Venetian lace and antique gold work became his enduring inspiration. He opened his own boutique in 1919. “The Prince of Goldsmiths’” esteemed patrons ranged from the Pope to royal families of Spain and Egypt. Today Mario’s grandson, Andrea Buccellati, carries on his legacy. Ahead, learn more about Buccellati’s most iconic designs, three of which are on offer this spring.

Magnificent Jewels
18 April | New York

Fine Jewels
19 April | New York

Iconic Designs: 7 Jewels by Buccellati