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Decorator Alex Papachristidis Shops Contemporary Living

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“How chic is it to have a French 18th-century chair next to a steel Maria Pergay chair with contemporary art in the background?” asks interior decorator Alex Papachristidis. While many would find this mélange of styles intimidating to execute, Papachristidis fully embraces the art of mixing. “To me, when you live with individual taste, that’s real style.” Born and raised on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Papachristidis is internationally admired for his saturated colours, attention to detail and use of eclectic influences ever since establishing his firm in 1987. Now bringing his astute eye and knowledge of decorative art history to Sotheby’s, Papachristidis shopped our cross-category Contemporary Living sale to share his best tips for blending contemporary and traditional interiors. Click ahead to discover his favourite lots and why he believes that “if you’re collecting great art, you should also be collecting great furniture.” –Stephanie Sporn

Contemporary Living
28 July | New York

Decorator Alex Papachristidis Shops Contemporary Living