Cartier’s Panther on the Prowl

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“It was among the first of the 20th-century brand icons, and certainly the fiercest and most fabulously unforgettable: for a hundred years, the panther has made its way, proud and provocative, through Cartier’s great theatre of design and through the story of 20th-century jewellery.”
—Vivienne Becker in Sotheby’s magazine.

The 100-year history of the Cartier panther is entwined with such glamorous women as the Duchess of Windsor, Barbara Hutton, Daisy Fellowes and Maria Callas, all of whom had panthers in their jewellery boxes. Here we preview two Cartier panthers to be offered in Hong Kong this October, and also look back at some of the most memorable Cartier cats that have passed through our doors.

Cartier’s Panther on the Prowl


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