Collection Pierre Le-Tan

Paris | March 2021
“I knew very early on that this was it for me and nothing else: drawing and my art collection.”

The collection of Pierre Le-Tan, which Sotheby's has the honour of presenting in Paris, echoes this collector’s unforgettable personality, at once discreet and out of the ordinary. The man who first made a name for himself with his covers for The New Yorker, before becoming a renowned draughtsman, came from a background that was at once artistic, literary, international and Parisian.

A number of works from this ever-evolving collection were sold in October 1995 at Sotheby's London. Since then, Pierre Le-Tan continued to collect, more compulsively than ever, with the same sharp and sensitive eye. May all these diverse objects, reflections of Le-Tan’s unique universe and accompanied by some of his own drawings, find their place with new owners who will appreciate them as much as this insatiable collector. Let him have the last word:

"The collection that I know best and about which it is most difficult for me to speak is obviously my own. It is elusive. I have owned, I would say, thousands of objects. Even if today most of them are just souvenirs, I continue to look for, to find, to acquire. The acquisition itself being, for some mysterious reason, the most important act, like that of a player rolling the dice. The idea of speculation has never crossed my mind, nor that of 'decoration'. To me, collecting is both indispensable and perfectly useless."
Pierre Le-Tan, Quelques collectionneurs, Flammarion, 2013