A vignette of scripts owned by Robin Williams as well as the award for his Walk of Fame star.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to sell celebrity memorabilia?
    Sotheby's offers both live and online Pop Culture sales throughout the year. If you are wondering, “How much is my celebrity memorabilia worth?”, simply send photographs of objects once owned by movie stars, film stars, television personalities, entertainers, political figures and other luminaries to Sotheby’s for a complimentary auction estimate .
  • What are the best-selling types of celebrity memorabilia?
    Sotheby’s has realised exceptional results from our live auctions and online offerings of celebrity jewels, wardrobe, industry awards such as an Academy award, Oscar award, Emmy Award and Golden Globe award, signed film scripts and movie posters, as well as personal collections of paintings, sculpture, fine furniture and vintage and antique automobiles. Personal belongings once owned by famous people are continually in demand.
  • Is film star, sports figure and musician memorabilia in demand?
    Absolutely. Included in the June 2019 auction collection of 64 black-and-white photos were images of actors (Marlon Brando, Rita Hayworth, Judy Garland, Henry Fonda), comedians (Danny Kaye, Sid Caesar), sports stars (Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Rocky Marciano), political figures (Eleanor Roosevelt), Broadway stars (Ethel Merman), musicians (Frank Sinatra, Eartha Kitt, Nat King Cole, Lena Horne, Harry Belafonte), artists (Salvador Dali) and many more.
  • May I schedule an appointment to have a specialist come in person to evaluate my object or collection?
    Yes, please contact the department directly for more information:


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