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Selling Impressionist Art with Sotheby's

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Talk to a Specialist

Our Impressionist & Modern Art specialists are located in New York, London and Paris. Schedule an appointment or inquire about a visit by calling your closest Sotheby's office.

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Impressionist Art Consigned with Sotheby's

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to sell my Impressionist art?
    Sotheby's Impressionist Art auctions continually attract collectors and buyers from around the world. Our Impressionist & Modern auctions include works spanning from Impressionism to the beginning of the 1950s, with many hailing from prestigious private collections and some lots appearing for the first time at auction. Top works typically include paintings by Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Signac, Paul Gauguin, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro, Pierre Bonnard, Juan Gris, Fernand Léger, Joan Miró, René Magritte, Claude Monet, Gustave Caillebotte, Wassily Kandinsky or Egon Schiele.
  • Does Sotheby's sell Impressionist art online?
    Absolutely. Today’s collectors are in search of modern art and Impressionist art through live auctions, private sales and online through When you submit art you have acquired online, our specialists will consider it for consignment in both live and online sales.
  • What is Sotheby's fee to appraise my Impressionist art?
    Sotheby's does not provide appraisals, but specialists will review submissions and provide valuations for any Impressionist or modern paintings we believe we can sell at a live auction or online sale. If your painting is not an appropriate fit for a Sotheby's auction, we will do our best to recommend an alternate resource to sell impressionist artwork.