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Wonder how much your European porcelain and china might be worth and how to sell it? Simply follow the steps below and Sotheby's will recommend the best approach for selling your porcelain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to sell my European Porcelain and China?
    Sotheby's decorative arts, porcelain and ceramics sales attract collectors, academics, museum curators and new buyers from New York and around the world. Live and online auctions happen throughout the year. Now is the perfect time to consign porcelain, china and other ceramics.
  • Why is European porcelain and china highly collectible?
    Sotheby’s, your most reliable resource for English and other European ceramics appraisal and consignment, achieves hammer prices well above our low estimates. The global market for these one-of-a-kind pieces is highly competitive, with throngs of enthusiasts participating in live sales and online auctions. When you are ready to sell European ceramics, Sotheby’s can help you realise the highest price.
  • What are the best-selling types of European ceramics?
    Because this category is quite diverse, many types of European china, porcelain and glass are in demand. Connoisseurs and enthusiasts buy and sell antique porcelain and china for their rarity and beauty. Sotheby’s Decorative Arts sales feature objects that were once part of distinguished collections. Expand your knowledge of this popular collecting category by visiting museums and dealers, and by consulting reference books that offer detailed photographs. Request a complimentary estimate and our experts will view your photographs.

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Sotheby’s is your best resource to buy and sell European porcelain, china or ceramics, a porcelain sculpture, figurine, figure, tureen, gold box, enameled box, plate, dessert plate, dish, bowl, cup, coffee pot, coffee service, scent bottle, ice pail, mug or basin that depicts a figure painting, floral, bird, marine scene, military scene, Commedia dell’Arte, or Hausmaler decoration. Antique Austrian, English, French, German, Italian and Swiss ceramics includes artists such as Picasso and makers such as Meissen, Sèvres, KPM and Worcester.