JUAN CORREA DE VIVAR | The Taking of Christ



Mascaraque circa 1510 - 1566 Toledo
The Taking of Christ
oil on pine panel
121 by 91.2 cm.; 47⅝ by 36 in.

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Probably commissioned by the Iglesia Parroquial de Meco, Madrid, in 1537;
Private collection, Spain, for at least sixty years;
Until sold, London, Sotheby’s, 8 July 2010, lot 114;
Where acquired by the present owner.

I. Mateo Goméz, in Boletín del Seminario de Arte y Arquelogía de Valladolid, 1991.

This exceptional and well preserved work was painted by Correa de Vivar towards the end of the 1530s, soon after he left the workshop of Juan de Borgoña, and has been identified by Dr. Isabel Mateo Gómez as probably one of the missing panels from the altarpiece depicting scenes from the life of Christ in the church of Meco, Madrid. The altarpiece probably originally consisted of at least twelve works of this size, of which only six are still in situ; an Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Epiphany, Road to Calvary, and a Lamentation. Dr. Mateo has also identified a Crowning with thorns and a Flagellation (Valladolid, Museo Arqueológico) as further missing panels1 while Chandler Post, in 1950, suggested that a Circumcision in a Madrid private collection had also once belonged to the series.2 The altarpiece was completed in March 1538 at a cost of 225,000 maravedís, with the artist receiving payment in May of that year.


1. I. Mateo Gómez, Juan Correa de Vivar, Madrid 1983, reproduced plate XII.
2. C. Post, A History of Spanish Painting, Cambridge (Mass.) 1970, reproduced fig. 173.

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