Exterior view of Monticello.

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Charlottesville, Virginia | United States

About the Museum

Monticello was the primary plantation home of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States. It is a site of architectural and historic significance and has been designated a National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Operated by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Monticello aims to preserve the historic buildings and ground and educate the public about the life and history of President Jefferson.

The house was designed by Jefferson using neoclassical architectural principles, but also incorporates other architectural influences. Monticello is home to restorations of historic gardens, including flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and fruit orchards. Exhibits at Monticello explore the life and influence of Thomas Jefferson, as well as surrounding historical, political, and social contexts, such as the life of the slaves who worked on Jefferson’s plantation. Monticello is also home to a presidential library and other research materials. The museum offers a variety of tours for visitors.

(Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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