The Segantini Museum

St Moritz | Switzerland

About the Museum

The Segantini Museum houses the most comprehensive and important collection of works by the great innovator of Alpine painting, Giovanni Segantini. Conceived as a monument to the painter, the museum was originally built exclusively for the large alpine triptych Life-Nature-Death. This was Segantini’s masterpiece, which he had planned to exhibit at the 1900 Paris World Fair before his untimely death. The building was later expanded in order to accommodate the growing collection of works entrusted to the Segantini Foundation.

Like most monographic museums, the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz has evolved from a place of admiration and glorification to a modern institution dedicated to educating and exploring individual works and their impact and position in the history of art and culture.

Highlights include the world-famous Ave Maria crossing the lake, Midday in the alps, and of course, the great alpine triptych.

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