Kim Gordon: Lo-Fi Glamour

17 May–1 September 2019

Exhibition Overview

Kim Gordon, Secret Abuse, 2009.

Kim Gordon: Lo-Fi Glamour marks the first solo, North American museum exhibition for Kim Gordon. A veteran of the avant-garde music scene and the co-founder of Sonic Youth, Gordon is hailed as a music icon. Her work as a visual artist, which has run parallel to her music career, has yet to be fully explored.

This project encompasses two separate but integrated components: a survey exhibition of Gordon’s paintings, drawings and sculpture, and a commissioned score titled Sound for Andy Warhol’s Kiss for Warhol’s 1963–64 silent film Kiss—Warhol’s hour-long silent film featuring fourteen couples: Naomi Levine, Pierre Restaney, Gerard Malanga, Jane Holzer, Philip van Rensselaer, Charlotte Gilbertson, John Palmer, Andrew Meyer, Mark Lancaster, Ed Sanders, Rufus Collins, Marisol, Harold Stevenson, Steven Holden and unidentified others.

(Courtesy of the artist and 303 Gallery.)

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