TBA21 Augarten

TBA21 - Augarten

Vienna | Austria

About the Museum

Augarten studios are one of TBA21’s institutional laboratory and exhibition spaces. Set in a lush corner of the Augarten Park, the premises were designed as an artist’s studio in the 1950s to accommodate the workshop, home, and museum of the Austrian sculptor Gustinus Ambrosi. This location – and its history in all its ambivalences – lends itself to the presentation of large-scale three-dimensional works. Subtly restyled, the space fosters an atmosphere of intimacy and working ambience. TBA21 proposes to critically reconsider the history of the studio and its former inhabitant by dedicating its programming at Augarten primarily to presentations focusing on the production of a single artist – at times in dialogue with other artistic positions – and by establishing a lively public discussion addressed to a broad audience. Based on further research and experimentation, exhibitions are drawn from the foundation’s extensive and internationally celebrated collection.

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