Exterior view of Suan Pakkad Palace.

Suan Pakkad Palace

Bangkok | Thailand

About the Museum

The Suan Pakkad Palace is housed in the former private residence of Prince and Princess Chumbhot of Nagara Svarga. The house was built in the traditional Thai style, and it was turned into a museum in 1952. In addition to preserving traditional Thai architecture, the museum is also home to a fine collection of antiquities, including a collection of Ban Chiang pottery that is over 4,000 years old. These artifacts include painted pottery, bronze tools, precious stone bracelets and glass beads. The Suan Pakkad Palace is a combination of fine arts and ancient artifacts. There are four traditional Thai houses in the compound, a gallery, and traditional pavilions including the striking Lacquer Pavilion, which is over 200 years old.

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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