Station Museum of Art

Station Museum of Contemporary Art

Houston, Texas | United States

About the Museum

The Station Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Houston, Texas and exhibits local, national, and international artists. In particular it focuses on exhibiting regional artists with an emphasis on fine arts that reflect the cultural diversity of Houston’s communities. It also serves as a space for traveling exhibitions, including from Mexico, Colombia, Congo, South Africa, Czech Republic, Austria, Palestine, Iraq, and Russia, among other countries. In doing so it aims to bring Texas artists into an international discussion.

The museum engages in supporting activists and its exhibitions often highlight social, politic and economic content. In addition to exhibiting artwork, it also present film screenings, lectures, musical events and fundraisers for social causes. Overall, it focuses on engaging the public so that they are encouraged to be involved in their community and be aware of the world around them. It believes that art has a central role in our society and can fuel discourse around important political and social issues.

It was founded in 2001, and is run by James and Ann Harithas.

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