Song Art Museum

Beijing | China

About the Museum


As a private art museum the Song Art Museum is established by Mr. Wang Zhongjun a world-class artwork collector to not only present his precious collection but to also provide a new platform for art research and creation opportunities. The museum consists of 12 exhibition halls, a public leisure space and an art derivatives space spanning over 22,000 square meters. In terms of the architectural composition, the largest differences of the Song Art Museum from other museums are: firstly, conveying the sense of “cleanness” through the extremely concise modern architecture; secondly, the dispersed planting of 199 pine trees in the courtyard which represent the purity and majesty of a gentleman to form the double extension of the experience in visiting the museum and architectural composition. Since its opening in 2017 it has held 3 large Chinese artwork exhibitions and will continue to push forward the development of Chinese modern art, and participate in the exchanges with International modern arts (projects) by orderly hosting a series of high-quality exhibitions coupled with collection, research, education, publication and public events.

(Photo courtesy of Song Art Museum.)

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