Exterior view of Siriraj Medical Museum.

Siriraj Medical Museum

Bangkok | Thailand

About the Museum

The Siriraj Medical Museum in Bangkok, Thailand is a valuable educational resource for medical professionals and students, as well as the general public. The museum is comprised of six different thematic museums: Ellis Pathological Museum, Congdon Anatomical Museum, Sood Sangvichien Prehistoric Museum and Laboratory, Parasitology Museum, Songkran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum, and Touch Exhibits Museum in Honor of Her Majesty the Queen. Exhibits include diseased specimens, over 2,000 human organs, tools from the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic ages, parasite specimens, and mummified remains, among others. The ‘Touch Exhibits” Museum offers visitors who have visual impairments an opportunity to interact with full scale models to encourage the touch-feel approach to silhouette learning.

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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