Sifang Art Museum

Nanjing | China

About the Museum

Situated amidst the forests of Sifang Parkland, the Sifang Art Museum is the creative vision of Chinese businessman Lu Jun and the twenty award-winning Chinese and foreign architects commissioned to create a tribute to contemporary architecture. The museum, designed by American architect Steven Holl, explores the shifting viewpoints, layers of space and expanses of mist and water, which characterize the deeply alternating spatial mysteries of early Chinese painting. Over the course of the year, Sifang Museum unveils curatorial exhibitions based on a diverse collection of international and Chinese contemporary art. In addition to the art museum, the 115-acre site showcases unique architectures of different functionalities: twenty designer homes, a conference centre, a boutique hotel and pavilions. Sifang is a living, ever-evolving project that provides a harmonious experience of art and nature.

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