Sadberk Hanim Museum

Istanbul | Turkey

About the Museum

Vehbi Koç Foundation’s Sadberk Hanım Museum is Turkey’s first private museum intended to exhibit the private collection of Sadberk Koç, the wife of Vehbi Koç. The museum's collection initially consisted of the private collection of Sadberk Koç, which included traditional costumes, embroidery, silver artefacts with "tuğra" and porcelain and suchlike artefacts, and in due course was augmented with donations and purchases. Following the demise of Hüseyin Kocabaş, one of the greatest collectors of Turkey, his collection was also added to the Sadberk Hanım Museum’s Collection. Whilst at the time of its foundation Sadberk Hanım Museum contained 3.000 pieces. At present, the museum’s inventory reaches more than 18.000 pieces in its collection.

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