Red Brick Art Museum

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About the Museum

Red Brick Art Museum is located in No.1 International Art District in the northeast of Beijing. As the landmark of this region, the facilities of Red Brick cover a total area of 20,000 square meters, with nearly 10,000 square meters exhibition space. Red Brick Art Museum was founded by the couple YAN Shijie and CAO Mei. It 's opened on May 23rd, 2014. The architectural design of the museum was conducted in person by Professor DONG Yugan of Architecture Research Center of Peking University. Employing red bricks as the basic architectural element, Professor Dong maintained the integrity of each brick, created a suburban-based, garden-owning contemporary art museum.

The main building of Red Brick Art Museum includes two full storeys on the ground and a projection room in the basement floor, of which the aboveground part provides with nine exhibition spaces, two public recreational spaces, one lecture hall, one art derivatives space, along with dining room, cafe, club, etc. As part of art museum visiting experience and the extension of the building structure, the landscape courtyard which was designed and built in a way deriving from the Chinese Garden scenic conception is also a highlight feature of Red Brick.

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