Picture Gallery in Sanssouci Park

Potsdam | Germany

About the Museum

The picture gallery is one of the most magnificent buildings of the 18th century in Europe specially built for an art collection. It is also the oldest preserved gallery building in Germany. Frederick the Great had them built from 1755 to 1763/64 next to the palaces Sanssouci and New Chambers for his new collection of collected paintings. Here he presented, tightly hung, almost 180 masterpieces of Flemish and Dutch Baroque painting, as well as the Italian Renaissance and Baroque, in addition to outstanding antique sculptures and French sculptures of the 18th century. In the simple exterior, the complex program of sculptures with allegories of artist education and art practice, in tune with the purpose of the building. The interior surprises with its magnificent design: gilded ornaments and precious yellow and white marble floors, a colored stone inlay floor, paintings, gilded carved frames, antique and baroque sculptures, and stuccoed allegories of the arts and sciences high above the minds of visitors unique compendium of the arts.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, unify

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