Osaka National Museum of Art

Osaka National Museum of Art

Osaka | Japan

About the Museum

As of March 2011, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, boasted a total of 6,109 works. Some 2,190 (or more than the third) of these are prints. By expanding the definition of the word to include graphic design works such as Yokoo's posters, over half of the entire collection might be said to consist of about 3,000 prints. And as another 751 works are watercolors or sketches and 605 are photographs, all of which employ a paper support, one might also say that about 70 percent of the collection shares a paper medium. On the other hand, the remaining 30 percent includes 593 paintings, 26 of which are "Nihonga" (Japanese-style painting), 319 sculptures, 76 crafts, and a small amount of industrial design works such as furniture and lighting fixtures. Our collection of 633 educational materials is primarily made up of the aforementioned Reproductions of "Ukiyo-e" prints.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Mc681

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