Exterior view of the NMMBA in Checheng. Photo: Matt’s Life via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY SA 2.0

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

Checheng, Pingtung | Taiwan

About the Museum

The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (NMMBA) is an aquarium and research center in southern Taiwan’s Checheng Township. Established in 1991, it is Taiwan’s largest marine ecology display center. NMMBA’s layout and wave-like sloping roof mimic the spirit and characteristics of water.

NMMBA has three main exhibitions: Waters of Taiwan, an exhibit hall that features aquatic animals native to Taiwan; Coral Kingdom, which displays coral reef habitats; and Waters of the World, which explores ancient, Precambrian oceans and ocean formation through a 3D virtual reality exhibit. The Museum is renowned for the variety of activities it offers; among its most beloved is the opportunity for groups of 15 or more to sleep over in the aquarium.

(Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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