National Museum

Prague | Czech Republic

About the Museum

The National Museum is a Czech museum intended to establish, prepare and publicly exhibit natural, scientific, artistic and historical collections. It was founded 1818 in Prague by Kašpar Maria Šternberg with the aim of serving all the inhabitants of the land.

In May 1964, the Museum was turned into an organization of five professionally autonomous components: the Museum of Natural Science, the Historical Museum, the Naprstek Museum of Asia, African, and American Cultures, the National Museum Library and the Central Office of Museology. A sixth autonomous unit, the Museum of Czech Music, was established in 1976.

Nowadays, the National Museum contains several million items catalogued in three main parts: the natural Museum, the Historical Museum and the Library. Due to major renovations the museum will be closed until 2018 while what has been called 'The biggest moving of museum collections in Czech history takes place.'

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