National Center for Contemporary Arts

Saint Petersburg | Russia

About the Museum

The National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) is a museum, exhibition center, and research institution aiming to support and promote Russian contemporary art in the global context; we develop and implement art, architecture, and design projects in Russia and abroad.

The North-Western Branch of NCCA was established in 1995 (till 2012 it was called St Petersburg Branch) as the first regional branch of NCCA. The North-Western Branch of NCCA focuses on art and cultural projects promoting the dialogue of contemporary art with the St Petersburg cultural background, such as art in public spaces, contemporary art in traditional museum, St Petersburg art today such as projects involving the joint work of St Petersburg artists, integration of St Petersburg and Russian actual art into the global art process and education in contemporary art through lectures, seminars, master classes by Russian and foreign artists, curators and art historians. The North-Western Branch of NCCA has an artist-in-residence facility in Kronstadt. Artists can take part in the Art Residency program in the frames of the international art exchange programs.

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