Exterior view of the National Art Gallery.

Galería de Arte Nacional

Caracas | Venezuela

About the Museum

The National Art Gallery, or Galería de Arte Nacional, is located in the Plaza Morelos area of Caracas, Venezuela. Founded in 1976, the museum moved to a new building in 2009. The new building was designed by Carlos Gómez de Llerena and is Venezuela's largest museum building. The museum holds over 7,000 works in its collection, which includes works by Venezuelan artists as well as artists who spent time in Venezuela, like Camille Pissarro. The collection ranges from pre-Hispanic era works and colonial-era paintings and sculptures to modern and contemporary work by Venezuelan artists. Important artists included in the collection are Arturo Michelena, Armando Reverón, Carlos Cruz Diez, Pájaro and Jesús Soto. The museum’s most notable piece is Michelena's 1896 painting of Francisco de Miranda in a Spanish jail, Miranda en La Carraca.

(Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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