Museum of Mexican History

Monterrey | Mexico

About the Museum

The Museum of Mexican History is located in Monterrey, Mexico and highlights the history of its country from Pre-Hispanic times through the 20th century. It is located near the site of the establishment of Monterrey and was inaugurated on November 30th, 1994. It is considered the most important historical exhibition in the north of the country. Its permanent collection includes over 1,200 objects that illustrate different aspects of life in Mexico, including small everyday items up to a locomotive. Its galleries have interactive search modules integrated to the tour to complement the experience of learning. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions, and has a library-video library and an auditorium.

The building was designed by architects Óscar Bulnes, from Monterrey, and Augusto Álvarez, from Mexico City.

(Photo courtesy of WIkimedia Commons.)

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