Museum Moderner Kunst

Museum Moderner Kunst

Vienna | Austria

About the Museum

Since its founding, mumok has exhibited, preserved and expanded its collection of 20th- and 21st-century art while supporting current and innovative research and museological methods. With its emphasis on Pop Art and Photorealism from the Austrian Ludwig Foundation and Fluxus and Nouveau Réalisme from the Hahn Collection, as well as Viennese Actionism, performance art, conceptual art and minimal art (plus other movements from 1980 to the present day), mumok responds to the contemporary situation with unique, critical artistic perspectives on society and the art world – with a special emphasis on works after 1960. Mumok is committed to meeting the needs of all visitors, including the media, artists, art critics, cooperating partners and its own employees. As a public institution, the museum also is dedicated to engaging with social and political issues that are important to the freedom and advancement of art and culture.

(Photo: mumok © Peter Berger)

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