Museum d'Histoire Naturelle

Nice | France

About the Museum

The Museum offers a naturalistic walk through the middle-country and the coastline to discover the "treasures" of the biodiversity of this territory known worldwide for its mid-sea and mid-alpine landscapes.

The exhibition is a naturalistic walk from the coast to the middle-country to discover the incredible biodiversity of our territory known for the beauty of its landscapes. Rich, but fragile natural "treasure". Are presented mammals (wolf, deer, wild boar, chamois, etc.) birds (raptors, waders, sparrows ...) reptiles and insects ... Plants and mushrooms, and a wide range of minerals, volcanic rocks, pudding, etc. , are also appointments.

First Municipal Museum of the City of Nice, the Museum of Natural History opened its doors to the public in 1846, first in the old city, then in 1863 in its current location. Under the influence of famous scientists, such as Antoine Risso (1777-1845), Jean-Baptiste Vérany (1800-1865) and Jean-Baptiste Barla (1817-1896), the Museum has enriched its collections with important series of birds, molluscs, minerals and fossils mainly from the region. It also has a very original collection focused on fish, flowering plants and especially the mushrooms of Nice.

Today, the Museum is rich with a heritage of more than one million specimens; it is constantly increasing, coming largely from the Mediterranean regions but also from South America, Africa and Madagascar.

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