Museu Histórico Prof. Carlos de Silva Lacaz

São Paulo | Brazil

About the Museum

The Historical Museum of Prof. Carlos da Silva Lacaz (Museu Histórico Prof. Carlos de Silva Lacaz) received this denomination in 1993, the result of a tribute to its creator and director, Prof. Carlos da Silva Lacaz. Professor Lacaz was a physician and researcher in the fields of Microbiology and Medical Mycology. The museum, created by him, was founded in 1977 as a "Historical Museum of the Faculty of Medicine".

Since the creation of the museum, Prof. Carlos da Silva Lacaz dedicated himself to gathering materials that could consolidate an "official" medical and institutional history. The mseum is also well known for its vast collection of documents, especially covering the early times of medical institutionalization in São Paulo.

Today, the museum is a vibrant space, with a significant collection and memory of one of the most important educational institutions in the health area, the Faculty of Medicine of USP.

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