Musee Fabre

Montpellier | France

About the Museum

The Musee Fabre is an art museum located in Montpellier, France that highlights European art. It was founded by François-Xavier Fabre, a Montpellier painter, in 1825. Its collection spans art history, from Greek vases to 20th century modern art with over 800 works, 900 engravings and 3,500 drawings in its collection. The 17th through 19th centuries are particularly well represented, as is the work of Impressionist artists. The permanent collection includes works by Rubens, Poussin, Delacroix and Corot. Poussin’s Venus and Adonis is a particular highlight.

In 2007 a renovation was completed to make the museum lighter and airier. It is a museum of national importance in France, and is classified as a Musée de France by the French Ministry of Culture.

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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