Musée de Préhistoire de Terra Amata

Nice | France

About the Museum

The Terra Amata Museum of Prehistory is located on the site of the excavation of the site of the same name that has delivered the oldest homes in the history of humanity, dating back 400,000 years . Since 2016, museography has been updated and renewed to present the latest discoveries and offer visitors a new interactive and fun route. This new presentation will expose the life of the first inhabitants of Nice within their environment, as well as the first great revolution of Humanity: the domestication of fire.

The Terra Amata site is located in the municipality of Nice, 22 km as the crow flies south-west of the Italian border, in the Alpes-Maritimes department. Located today 26 meters above sea level, on the western slope of Mount Boron, surrounded by buildings, its geographical setting is very different from that it was when 400 000 and 380 000 years ago, hunters of deer and elephants set up their temporary camps there.

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