The Art of Devotion: Illuminated Manuscripts from Local Collections

1 March–16 June 2019

Exhibition Overview

French, Leaf from a Liturgical Psalter, early 14th century. Gift of Paula Uihlein, M1932.108.

Illuminated manuscripts, or handwritten books, are the focus of this exhibition, specifically books made before the use of the printing press from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The manuscripts are usually on treated animal skin, called parchment, and decorated with gold, silver, and bright colors; all are religious in nature. As such, the exhibition will not only explore the bookmaking process but also explain how creating and interacting with the manuscripts were considered forms of religious devotion. All the objects featured are from Milwaukee collections, offering visitors a chance to see local treasures that are typically not on public view.

Photo by John R. Glembin.

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