MARS Center

Moscow | Russia

About the Museum

MARS Center is a platform for showcasing art projects affecting all human senses. Our projects are focused on the involvement of the audience in the multimedia space, and getting them to unusual emotional experience through interaction with an interactive environment. It regularly hosts large-scale exhibitions and festivals with the participation of both Russian and foreign artists. In addition MARS Center has an interesting and meaningful past. It is the oldest Center for contemporary art, which emerged in Moscow in 1988. Former MARS Gallery became the first private space in the USSR, actively promote and expose contemporary art.

Today, we have become more focused on projects that include virtual reality technology, which is becoming more and more popular and is no longer just entertaining, but becomes part of modern art. At the moment they have three projects incorporating this technology. “Kessler Effect”, “Bosch” and "FashionArt".The technology of virtual reality is very important for us, we consider it to be fine, it takes its rightful place in art.

Usually people spend here from 1 to 2 hours. There is also a cute cafe and co-working space where you can work and read or just relax with your friend after visiting one of our exhibitions.

Every few months, the museum makes arrangements with different contemporary artists and organize exhibitions using their work.

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