Castle Rushen

Manx National Heritage

Douglas, Isle of Man

About the Museum

Castle Rushen

Manx National Heritage is the national heritage organization for the Isle of Man. It maintains and manages the island’s physical heritage, and contains over 3,000 acres of coastline and landscape. Its sites include Castle Rushen in the ancient capital of the Isle of Man, Peel Castle, House of Manannan, Manx Museum, Nautical Museum, Rushen Abbey, Cregneash, Grove Museum of Victorian Life, Great Laxey Wheel, Old House of Keys, Old Grammar School and Spooyt Vane Waterfall. It also hold archives, artwork and library and museum collections in trust for the Manx nation. The trust was originally set up in the 19th century by the Isle of Man’s parliament and is now supported by the Isle of Man's government. It acts as a guardian for the island’s heritage and aims to strengthen the Manx identity.

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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