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Lopez Museum and Library

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About the Museum

The Lopez Museum and Library is an art and history museum and library in Manila. While the Lopez Museum has closed, the library remains open and consists of over 19,000 Filipiniana titles by about 12,000 authors. It houses an invaluable collection of Philippine incunabula, rare books, manuscripts, dictionaries, literary works in Western and vernacular languages, religious tracts, periodicals, newspapers, coffee table volumes, academic treatises, contemporary writing, maps, archival photographs, cartoons and microfilms.

Its rare book collection includes 21 rare titles of Philippine imprints dated from 1597 to 1800, and works by eminent printers like Tomas Pinpin, Raymundo Magysa, Nicolas Bagay, Laureano Atlas, and Juan Correa. One of its most important works is the first edition of Belarmin-Lopez's Doctrina Cristiana (Manila 1620) translated into Ilocano (Libro a naisuratan amin ti bagas), Pedro Chirino's Relacion de las Islas Filipinas, and important editions of Antonio de Morga's Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas (Jose Rizal's 1890 edition, Blair and Robertson's 1904 edition, and W. E. Retana's 1909 edition).

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