Exterior View, Long Museum LongChongqing

Long Museum West Bund

Shanghai | China

About the Museum

Located at the centre of the West Bund Culture Corridor in Binjiang, Xuhui District, Shanghai, the Long Museum Westbund was designed by Liu Yichun, a Chinese architect of Atelier Deshaus, and covers an area of 33,000 square metres with up to 16,000 square meters for exhibition.

The main part of the building is a unique umbrella-vaulted structure with four stories. The first and second floors above ground are devoted to contemporary art including paintings, sculptures, installations and new media. The surface of the peculiar vault is built by faced concrete with a fine and smooth texture, endowing the Museum with an acute quality of contemporariness and creativity. The first basement houses the permanent exhibition area for precious artefacts in ancient China and art works from the Republic of China. Resembling a “white box,” the rectangular exhibition hall highlights the historical continuance and intellectual profoundness of traditional Chinese art.

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