Exterior view of Kyushu National Museum.

Kyushu National Museum

Dazaifu, Fukuoka | Japan

About the Museum

Founded in 2005, the Kyushu National Museum is the fourth national museum in Japan, and the first to open in over 100 years. It focuses its exhibitions on the concept of understanding the formation of Japanese culture from the viewpoint of Asian history. The museum is set in a region known as the "Distant Imperial Court," which was one of the grand stages for Japanese history. The museum aims to educate the public about this rich historical setting through new, contemporary programs and exhibitions.

The collection includes important Japanese artifacts that cover the history of Kyūshū from prehistory to the Meiji era with a particular focus on the history of cultural exchange between Japan and neighboring China and Korea. The collection also holds National Treasures, including paintings, calligraphy, ancient swords, and metalwork. The museum is also home to an extensive conservation center, restaurant, cafe, and museum shop.

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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