Amelie von Wulffen

18 May–14 July 2019

Exhibition Overview

Amelie von Wulffen, Hast Du schon House of Cards gesehen?, 2018.

Amelie von Wulffen (*1966, Breitenbrunn) ranks among the most significant painters of her generation. She creates figurative paintings and drawings, occasionally using furniture objects as a ground. Her motifs and genres repeatedly refer to the history of painting and are used to pursue her own space of action as an artist. Her most recent portraits, cityscapes, landscapes, and interiors, with poised human figures and monsters, are characterized by a mood of discomfort. Gloomy events of the past intrude into the present like shadows or point to ominous future scenarios. Next to selected older works, the exhibition in Bern focuses on pictures and sculptures created since 2015.

(Photo courtesy Giò Marconi.)

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