Exterior view of the Knockdown Center.

Knockdown Center

Queens, NY | United States

About the Museum

Interior view of the Knockdown Center.

The Knockdown Center is a Queens art, performance, and music space that specializes in cross-disciplinary and experimental projects and collaborations. The Center’s century-old 50,000- square-foot brick, timber, and steel building was once home to the Manhattan Door Factory, where the Knock-Down Door Buck, or K-D door frame, was invented in 1956; prior to that, it was a glass factory. Since 2011, the space has served as a public events center, gallery, concert venue, and bar. The Knockdown Center features programming of diverse formats and media, ranging from film screenings to conferences and theme parties, and invites proposals from artists, curators, and organizers for two-week temporary installations. Prices vary depending on the event or exhibition; The Ready Room, the Knockdown Center’s bar/restaurant, is open to the public during events and performances.

(Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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