James Turrell: Ganzfeld "Aural"

12 April 2018–30 September 2019

Exhibition Overview

James Turrell, Ganzfeld "Aural", 2018.

In a temporary structure in the museum garden, the Jewish Museum Berlin presents the immersive installation Ganzfeld “Aural” by the artist James Turrell.

“Aural” is the Berlin premiere of a Ganzfeld by the world’s foremost light sculptor. The installation is part of the Ganzfeld Pieces series, in which Turrell creates liminal zones of experience.

Upon entering the Ganzfeld “Aural” installation, visitors are immersed in a space that reveals neither its light source nor its dimensions. Their eyes lose their frame of reference; their gaze is unleashed. Light, color, and space melt together. The installation’s gradual color shifts are punctuated by flashes of light.

James Turell demands time from his visitors. Our eyes must first adjust before the light’s effect fully unfolds.

Suddenly, we perceive the slightest stimuli and changes. This leads to dreamlike experiences reminiscent of thick fog, expanses of snow, or the dark of night.

(Photo courtesy of Florian Holzherr.)

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