Hirschsprung Collection

Copenhagen | Denmark

About the Museum

Located in the green parklands of the Østre Anlæg in Copenhagen, the Hirschsprung Collection houses the finest works of 19th century Danish art from the Golden Age through to the Modern Breakthrough. The museum’s history is rooted in the personal collection of tobacco manufacturer Heinrich Hirschsprung who, upon his death, donated all the works to the public on the condition that the Municipality of Copenhagen find a site to host them. Architect H.B. Storck and the museum’s first director Emil Hannover honoured Hirschsprung’s original vision for an intimate, homely exhibition space, and the museum now attracts visitors from across the world to see works by renowned Danish painters such as C.W. Eckersberg, Anna and Michael Ancher, P.S. Krøyer, Hans Smidth and Vilhelm Hammershoi.

(Photo: Jakob Hunosøe)

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