Of Origins and Belonging, Drawn from Atlanta

1 June–29 September 2019

Exhibition Overview

Cosmo Whyte, Sweet, Sweet, Back, 2015. Charcoal and gold leaf on paper. High Museum of Art, Atlanta, purchase with the Antinori Fund, 2016.235.

Of Origins and Belonging, Drawn from Atlanta is the third in a series of exhibitions at the High Museum of Art focused on work by Atlanta-based artists. The exhibition will feature six artists who address issues related to place, belonging and heritage in their work: Jessica Caldas, Yehimi Cambrón, Xie Caomin, Wihro Kim, Dianna Settles and Cosmo Whyte.

Compelled by the national debate and dialogue around immigration reform, this iteration of the High’s Atlanta drawings project features artists whose distinct voices, diverse perspectives and personal experiences represent worldviews informed and enriched by their cultural heritage and the bond they share as members of a diverse creative community in Atlanta. Among the participating artists, Caomin and Whyte immigrated to the United States as adults, and Cambrón is a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipient.

Of Origins and Belonging will consider the ways foreign-born citizens, residents and their children or grandchildren contribute to Atlanta’s growing population, thriving economy, diverse cultural landscape and burgeoning arts scene.

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