The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100

28 June–1 December 2019

Exhibition Overview

John Akomfrah, Still from Purple, 2017

The first and largest exhibition of its kind in Russia to explore important issues around environmentalism and ecology through the language of visual arts, science, technology, and activism.

The title alludes to a time period in the future when, as certain authors have theorized, the planet’s oil and water resources have been depleted, but humanity has yet to colonize other planets. In this speculative era, the human race will be forced to live with the knowledge that it is stuck on a dying Earth with no planet B. The Coming World points to a future already in the making, when the environmental agenda will be the main political question.

The Coming World will bring together existing works and new commissions from over 50 artists and visionaries. It opens with Purple, an immersive six-channel video installation by John Akomfrah* (June 15–December 1). The exhibition will also feature a new Garage Atrium Commission by Huang Yong Ping. In 2019, Garage Live will present a series of events specially conceived for The Coming World.

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