Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum

Minneapolis, Minnesota | United States

About the Museum

The Frederick R. Weisman Museum is located at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota and focuses on modern art. It was founded in 1934 and is named in honor of art collector Frederick R. Weisman, a Minneapolis native, who donated works to the collection. The museum includes artworks by Marsden Hartley, Alfred Maurer, Charles Biederman, Native American Mimbres pottery, and traditional Korean furniture. The museum presents and interprets works of art, offering exhibitions that place art within relevant cultural, social and historical contexts. Several major exhibitions are offered each year, as well as organized letters, symposia, tours and special events focused upon educational themes. The current building was design by Frank Gehry and opened in 1993 with an expansion being built in 2011.

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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