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About the Museum

Fosun Foundation (Shanghai) is a non-profit organization launched and supported by the Fosun Group and Fosun Foundation.

The center is located in the Bund Finance Center. The building houses four floors above ground and three below. It was designed by British design firm Foster + Partners and creative director Heatherwick Studio. The architectural highlight is the facade—a golden, rotating bamboo curtain that hangs from the third floor. A visual element that combines East and West, it resembles both an ancient Chinese crown and a Western harp. For several hours each day, the screen rotates in time with music, a “dancing building” along the bund.

Fosun Foundation (Shanghai)’s programming is characterized by contemporary, international, and highly interactive artworks. Apart from a discriminating array of exhibitions, the center also organizes a wide variety of educational programs. Through these talks, forums, film screenings, workshops, and other public events, Fosun Foundation (Shanghai) offers its visitors many opportunities to engage closely with art. As a multi-purpose space, the center also plays host to international conferences, brand events, and small-scale performances.

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