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Shenzhen | China

About the Museum

Design Society is many things. Its identity lies in its capacity to combine, connect, cross-fertilize and, by doing so, transcend cultural territories and boundaries as we know them. It is many things, and at the same time it is clearly a new thing that requires its own name to go beyond the sum of its parts: hence Design Society.

As a visitor destination Design Society runs the Sea World Culture and Arts Center. A must-go for the culture- and design-hungry in Shenzhen and beyond, connecting audiences of different ages and backgrounds with design.

For such a visitor, it may look like a comprehensive design museum. It features multiple galleries, presenting ground breaking designs from the past, present and future. It has studios and education spaces, catering to the public’s need for learning and interpretation.。

For another visitor, Design Society cultivates a genuine civic and community center, comprising a theater and many other event spaces, big and small, programmed by Design Society and others inspired by the many possibilities to use this venue and urban landmark. Around, inside, and even on top of the building, generous public and park space welcomes visitors to discover, play, experiment, interact, share, and create together. Or shop and be nurtured in multiple ways across the building.

As an innovation agenda, Design Society aims at developing relevance for the creative industries in the Pearl River Delta, and to provide a prestigious and major design platform to stage interaction between the design culture of China and the world. Design Society, by actively pursuing opportunities for design in society, and by its manifold match making activities between design talent and industries, design disciplines and societal issues, hopes to contribute to elevating the quality of life and the positive transformation of contemporary lifestyles.

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