Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst

Amstelveen | Netherlands

About the Museum

In 1948 CoBrA caused a revolution in the Netherlands; a breakthrough in modern art that reverberates in art to this day. The Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen was founded in 1995 and ensures that the legacy of the CoBrA movement remains in the public eye and keeps the philosophy of the artists alive. The museum is the place where the spirit of CoBrA – experimentation and expression in art – is emphasized. The museum houses a large CoBrA collection comprised of artworks and documentary material that are continuously expanded and from which diverse presentations are created. The museum is a center of international expertise in the CoBrA legacy. It researches, and it advises other museums. The Cobra Museum displays its collection in varying compositions in the exhibition rooms. It also has major temporary exhibitions; for example, by individual CoBrA members, by contemporaries, of related trends and by contemporary artists working in the CoBrA tradition. In the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, the art of CoBrA, modern and contemporary art go hand in hand. The exhibitions are supplemented with cultural and educational activities that broaden the insights into the movement’s relevance to art history and society.

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons: G. Lanting)

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