Exterior view of China Science and Technology Museum.

China Science and Technology Museum

Beijing | China

About the Museum

The China Science and Technology Museum is the only national comprehensive museum of science and technology in China. The museum opened in phases, first in 1988, then in 2000, and later, a new museum opened to the public in 2009. It aims to enhance the scientific literacy of the general public through exhibitions and educational programs. The exhibits invite visitors to participate and interact, encouraging active learning and the opportunity to experience scientific knowledge, thinking, methodology, and spirit. The museum’s exhibitions fall into five major themes, including science paradise, the glory of China, science and technology and life, explorations and discoveries, and challenges and the future. In addition to interactive exhibits, the museum is also home to four different special effect theatres, a lecture hall, and a number of laboratories and classrooms.

(Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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