Lee Ufan: Inhabiting Time

27 February–30 September 2019

Exhibition Overview

Peinture à l'eau sur les pierres (Painter at the water below the stones), 1998, Vallée Hakone.

Lee Ufan: Inhabiting Time is a monographic exhibition devoted to the Korean artist Lee Ufan, tracing a career at the heart of his painted and sculpted work from his first creations from the end of the 1960’s up until his most recent creations. The exhibition endeavours to show the manner in which the artist’s vocabulary has been transformed and has changed during the course of the last five decades of his creation, each series of works bringing about the following.

The presentation creates a dialogue with his celebrated series From Points, Line, Winds; Dialogue; Correspondence and Relatum, with works and installations rarely shown to the public, often pivotal in his reflection, which enable to comprehend the successive or simultaneous phases of his work, creating close links between his painting and sculpture.

(Image © Atelier Lee Ufan.)

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