Bonnefanten Museum

Maastricht | Netherlands

About the Museum

The Bonnefanten Museum is the foremost museum of fine art in the province of Limburg. The museum – designed by architect Aldo Rossi and completed in 1995 – is located on the eastern bank of the River Maas, in the Céramique district of the city.

The Bonnefanten Museum combines in its exhibitions private and public collections with both old master painting and sculpture as cutting edge contemporary art, commonly referred to as a young history. The major ensembles in the collection consist of a so-called basic collection of contemporary art works by internationally renowned artists, related to movements such as Concept, Minimal Art and Arte Povera.

The museum is also committed to artists working in the region around Maastricht. The so-called Core collection Limburg (example: Pierre Kemp, Werner Mantz, Shinkichi and Ferdi Tajiri) and a major ensemble of the sculptor Jan van Steffeswert and the so-called Master of Elsloo, are also on permanent display. The collection activity is based on a close relationship with artists, their representatives and private collectors. An important part of the collection presentations we owe to the exclusive long-term loans from collectors Neutelings (medieval crafts) and Vandenhove (Ecole de Paris to the present).

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